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Prepress - that's first of all

We are glad to meet you. If you flash a look at us its flash of hope. Well try to help you. Lets agree right now that we will cooperate not capitalize. Take a few minutes to look at the Business Profile). See what we do. Read the (Catalogue, Opinions about the company). Check the Price list and the Equipment. Glance at the Corporate principles and values and click the Contact key. Weve got to do it. Simply because everybody wants to be the best, but one should be the unique!!! We belong to the last ones

PrePress International - forever!

PrePress International has been operation on the market for 18 years. And all these years weve been working with color for the printing industry. We began as a simple reproductive studio. Today we have a Color Lab equipped with the up-to-date measuring instruments, modern software, tests and all the best in this line. In the beginning our specialists had perceived all specific sides of the printing processes, experimented with the designers and photographers and after that they studied the prepress processes. Thats why we guarantee Let there be color! We like whats new, creative, individual, difficult and unknown! Something that will make your edition, advertising, poster or corporate identity begin to shine with new colors attracting

attention making them unforgettable for the customers, readers and advertisers. Not to mention that we only use the top quality equipment (technical details are below) and software which is not only the best but written especially for us. We need a few offices not only to divide the branches of our work (Media - Advertising - Creative works - Design - Photo etc.), but to guarantee that any edition whatever complex it may be or whatever its periodicity is will be ready on time and as scheduled. We work with the biggest suppliers of consumables. We also have or own service personnel to repair our equipment or to supply spare parts if needed. For VIP clients we offer both polygraphic outsourcing and color management (build-up of a technological chain and creation of a color gamut profiles for any printing house both in Russia and abroad).

Prepress: color is the beginning of everything

We live in the world of color! Colors gladden, excite, grieve and soothe. Colors provoke emotions and motives. Today its hard to imagine a boring black-and-white magazine. A tasteless faded ad. Well-known companies thoroughly choose a gamut for their brands and we easily distinguish a blue giant of IBM from a multi-colored apple of APPLE even if there are no corporate slogans. Tastes differ thats true. Colors differ too!

Smart marketing managers and designers purposely choose pictures in such a way that crowds of people hurry to shops to buy a thing they need. But the art of the photographers, artists, creative directors and editors wont mean a lot if the prepress is of bad quality. If both color separation and color correction are not good, if personnel doesnt have enough experience in printing or knows little about the technological chain. Until today in many printing media (not only Russian), books and catalogues they work with color too offhandedly.

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Print Media Prepress association

Objectives: Consolidation of the market players in the interests of creating new open prepress standards, working out norms and reference points for all participants of the technological chain, creation of the institute of independent examination
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The Worlds biggest luxury exhibition Millionaire Fair for the third time was held in Krokus Expo from Nov. 22 to Nov. 25


The unique presentation of art works of the Russia People's Artist Vasiliy Nesterenko was held on Oct.31 in the "Tsaritsino" State Memorial Reserve