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Vasiliy Nesterenko,

People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, Full member if the Academy of Arts of Russia:
I was lucky to work on my art albums with true professionals from the “PrePress International” company. To work with a classical author is more difficult than to make archival books. You can’t imagine what it is worth publishing an arts album today: to convey the author’s ideas, to correctly print, to keep to millions of technical nuances…

Victor Shkulev,

President, chairman of board of directors of “Hachette Filipacchi Shkulev” publishing house:
We began working with PPI on the eve of the publishing boom in Russia, it was ten years ago… Few people believed then that a Russia company would do a color separation for glossy magazines. I’d like to mention that the level of the company and the professionalism of its staff were becoming higher and higher with every new project. outsourcing service is something new and unusual in our country. PPI has entered this market with dignity. It’s always nice to work with them.

Evgeniy Butman,

President of DPI group of companies (APPLE IMC, APOSTROF and others), trustee of the Association of the computer and information technologies:
Since long ago PPI has devotedly chosen the Apple platform which we promote both in Russia and the CIS. Perhaps to certain extent this determined its success in such an important segment of printing as prepress. We support PPI’s efforts to found in Russia a non-profit Prepress Association. The market needs the creation of new digital standards. This is a need of the computer companies, and of course, of publishers, polygraphic workers, reproduction centers…

Andrey Antonov,

Head of prepress department of the printing complex “Pushkinskaya Ploshad”
It is always nice to work with PPI. The staff is highly skilled. The materials for the printing houses are always prepared perfectly: They manipulate colors beautifully and prepare the files for printing perfectly. They are professional and they have a up-to-date equipment. Regular consultations between PPI and PKPP staff make it possible to achieve perfect results in short terms. We have an agreement on mutual insurance in the area of coloring testes preparation.

Dmitri Shpakunov and Alexander Nersesyan,

President and director-general of “DEEPAPPLE” company:
PPI staff are not only our partners and customers. They are our friends. Once, we saw them work in force majeure conditions. It had an effect on us! Despite the fact that the the circumstances were very difficult, the company fulfilled the task on time. And with high quality, as usual…And we like that they work only on up-to-date equipment with the newest measuring devices.

Maxim Ratchkov

Director of the representative office “Geidelberg Moscow”:
The printing industry is developing fast. Both the publishers and the printing staff are worried about such things as the quality of production, the color control and the observation of the technological chain procedures. The role of the reproduction center is very important in this chain. I’ve worked with the PPI in different situations and we always managed to find a common language. We experimented, we were not afraid to implement new technologies, new approaches… The desire not to stand still (even when everything is ok) means a lot..."

Alexander Oskin,

Chairmen of the executive committee of the “Association of the Print Media Distributors (APÏÏ):
We by all means support PPI’s initiative to build up a civilized prepress market. It is important for all mass media. The lack of standards and clarity restrains development…

Lyudmila Kamochkina,

Production Director of Axel Springer Russia Publishing House:
Our publishing house has great plans in Russia. From the very beginning, three years ago, we thought a lot before choosing a prepress studio. The task was very difficult. We had to publish a news magazine within a very short period of time. But we could not lose the quality of materials production. PPI has to justified our hopes and since then we keep on doing the prepress of all magazines of our publishing house there. We are developing fast, and we hope that our wonderful partners will never leave us defenseless when working on our magazines and special projects.

Sergey Prisekin,

The Art Director of the studio of the military artists in the name of M. Grekov, Member Correspondent of the Russian Academy of Arts, Peiople’s artist of the Russian Federation:
For almost nine months we have been doing my book, an illustrated confession of my life, a big part of our native history. And I am sincerely grateful for this work to my co-authors who in fact are the best computer designers of the PPI. Believe me, there are few who can translate the author’s color view and his idea into the language of printing…I am happy that we did it! Thanks…and see you on our future projects!

Yaroslav Smelov,

Head of the company “Konrad Russia”:
We are pleased with the fact that PPI helped us to make a corporate magazine, which is a new and promising kind of media on the market. PPI helped us not only in making a nice product of high quality, but in creating a concept of it, selecting journalists, finding a printing house, building up a distribution system…PPi is in fact a multi-purpose company.

Yaroslava Dyuzheva,

Head of Advertising Department of the Group pf companies “Svetlana”:
In PPI one can order any advertising product to be “turnkey”: from taking photos to printing and even getting all issue directly in your office. Terms and quality are additional competitive advantages of PPI on the market. And the prices too…

Margarita Ozerova,

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the magazine «ÝÃÎÈÑÒ GENERATION»:
Soon we’ll celebrate a five-years anniversary since we began to work happily with PrePress International. Believe me that the word “happily” is not a random word here. Of course in any work professionalism is the word number one. But in case of PPI this goes without saying. And surely this is the main thing why we’ve been working together for so many years. But when you see that your partners treat your business like their own business, support it, feel happy seeing your advantages or simply meeting you in the office, it is fun for sure! Our dear “prepressors”, we love very much, we appreciate what you do for us, and we respect you!

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