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PrePress International © History

Although “PrePress International” is already 12 years old, we believe that it’s history has only just begun. We are happy to work with the best and the most successful publishing houses of the modern Russia – “Hachette Filipacchi Shkulev”, “Independent Media”, “Burda Russia”, Axel Springer Russia”, “ProfMedia”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “SK Press”, “Kommersant”, “Otkritie Sistemi”, “Madam Figaro” and many others. Scores of magazines and newspapers literally started their lives in our prepress.

We reckon that during this period the PPI has produced over 500 000 A4 pages (which means that all were done not only manually on computer but with all our hearts and feelings).

We’ve gone through audit, default, fire, removal (which equals to a fire), death and birth of new issues, appearance of digital technologies and we are still as we were – a unique team that can neither do hack-work or abdicate our maxims.

Sometimes we feel it’s worth leaving that obtrusive designer who seems not to know for sure what he wants.. But we can’t do that.. We respect the work of the creators - graphic artists, photographers, editors and journalists. We too walk in file! And if we manage to deliver the author’s idea to people, our mission will not be vain.

We’ve advanced and developed during these years. New people come and new offices grow every year. But the backbone of our team remains invariable during all these years. We don’t know whether it is good or bad. We simply keep on working. And that is our history.

And really everything has just begun!